As the weather gets warmer and days get longer, many of us start thinking about how to spruce up our gardens. Landscaping can be a great way to add value to your home and create an outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come. 

While it may seem like a daunting task, there are actually quite a few ways that you can landscape your garden yourself without spending a fortune. Here are five beautiful ways to do just that.

#1 – Pick the right plants

Making your garden as beautiful as you’ve always imagined can be an exciting but also daunting project. 

One of the most important aspects to ensure success is selecting the right plants for your climate and garden conditions. 

Although it takes a bit of research, knowing what type of soil you have and how much sunlight your garden gets will help determine which plants you should consider. 

From there, cleverly combining foliage, blooms and heights in your plot can create a unique garden you can call your own!

#2 – Create a plan

Before putting shovel to soil, creating a plan for your garden is key. Sketching out the dimensions of your garden and deciding how you want it to look overall can be an empowering experience.

Making sure to think about elements like lighting levels, specific additions such as pathways or seating areas, and water needs for certain plants will ensure you end up with a space that truly fulfils all of your needs. 

You don’t need to overcomplicate anything here. Just take some pen and paper, sketch out your space roughly, note where everything is, and then get creative with where you want things to go.

Taking the time upfront to create a blueprint for your garden adventure gives you the best ideas of where you want to go and will greatly enhance your chance of experiencing true gardening bliss!

#3 – Start with the basics

You can make beautiful changes to your garden just by taking care of the simple stuff. 

We’re talking about things like looking after your lawn, trimming the hedges, and weeding.

Even just re-gravelling or repaving a path can completely transform the overall look of a garden and breathe new life into your space.

A lush, green lawn that’s properly cut and watered is instantly attractive, and a few well-placed shrubs give potential to get creative with landscaping. 

Adding some beautiful flowers will really draw the eye, bringing in pops of cheerful colour and making your home feel inviting. 

With just these basic elements, you’re already on your way to an incredible outdoor space!

#4 – Add some interesting features

Adding some interest to your garden with rocks, water features, or statues is an easy and fun way to make your space really stand out. 

Spend an afternoon searching local nurseries and flea markets for interesting finds like stone figures or unusual terrain pieces that can add visual appeal and height to your garden bed. 

Keep in mind the colours of your foliage so you can plan how these additions will complement it – the next thing you know, you’ll have a totally unique space without too much effort!

#5 – Don’t forget the details

Adding mulch, edging and lighting to your yard can really put the finishing touches on a great landscape. 

Mulch (or you can use tree bark) is an easy way to add texture and colour to any garden area by concealing the soil and enriching it as it decomposes. Edging creates defining lines which help give the garden a larger, neater appearance. 

Lastly, thoughtfully placed lights can create a beautiful night-time ambience in the garden that will be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t forget about these seemingly small details! They can bring simple elegance or dramatic flair to your yard, depending on how you use them!


It’s amazing how much you can change your garden if you just take the time to do it. Gardens can be transformed into a serene outdoor living space that you can use for barbecues, movie screenings, birthday parties – endless options.

And, of course, if you need any help, our friendly team here at Shoots & Roots is always up for doing whatever it takes to get the job done! 

So let’s begin this transformation journey together in 2023 – let’s make sure you get the garden you deserve.